Section 8 Bible Volume III


Finally, after a ten year hiatus, it has arrived. The Section 8 Bible Volume III is here! We are 50 years old now and we’re a lot wiser and just as, if not more, nuts than we were when we wrote Volume I twelve years ago. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that our books would be the precursor “how to succeed books” on Section 8 landlording. Never did I even imagine that we would be in our fourth re-print. Never did I ever imagine that some twelve years later, our books would still be enjoyed by folks breaking into or already involved in Section 8 rentals. And for that, we thank each and every one of you who has ever purchased a book for us. Honestly, we couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you!

More Stories

I’ve got some more crazy stories for ya, here’s a taste! I rented to an ex-boxer who wanted to punch my face in. I had another inspector break my stones. I had not one but two tenants refuse to cut their lawn. I had a cable T.V. contractor drill holes through four of my brand new vinyl windows. I got a great tip off of an 80 year old landlord that finally solved 25 years of chasing roaches around. And I finally figured out a way to prevent clogged toilets!


Again you guys wanted more elimination and I’m gonna give it to you! What Nick and I do now is tear everything out of the property the minute we purchase it. We bring the property to shell form. The kitchen gets ripped out, the bathroom tub, vanity, toilet, etc., all gets ripped out. Then we proceed to Home Depot and purchase a bunk of plywood consisting of 100 sheets and we cover everything in the property with plywood. The walls, the ceilings, the floors, the windows, everything gets covered. By the time we’re done it looks like a wooden box. Then we rent it to a Section 8 tenant so they can’t destroy anything. We throw hay on the bathroom floor and come back about once a month to put fresh hay down. Of course I’m kidding! See, I told you we’re still nuts. Seriously, we found some more good things to get rid of and some landlords emailed me with some solid tips.


I found some new products to use that will save you some cash! Also, I’ve scrapped a couple of products that have lost their luster of have been replaced with something better.


I got tired of answering the bell on stupid slip and fall lawsuits and invented a sure fire way to avoid them altogether! When a lawyer calls you the next time with a bogus slip and fall, you’ll know exactly what to tell him, “Go pound sand up your ass!”


Mike, have you lost your mind and started eliminating the heater? Well, kind of. I’ll tell you what I use now that will save you a ton of time and cash!

Avoid Craigslist

Since this site was created, about a million bad things have happened to people who have used it, including landlords! I’ll tell you a couple of landlords that I know personally who have used it and the nightmares that have happened to them.

Talk to Me!

I am now at your beckoning call! That’s right, if you want to talk strategy or ask me a question about anything, I’m only a phone call away. I’m cheap, always available, and easy to talk to, kind of like the girl of your dreams. If you’ve got something on your mind, don’t hesitate! Pick up the phone, I can help.