Contents for Volume II

Section 8 Bible Volume II: Table of Contents

Chapter 1 We’re Back! – This chapter is gonna get you warmed up and give you a peek of what Volume II is all about!
Chapter 2 Playing Dirty – When you get the “tenant from hell” become the landlord from hell! In my eyes, this could be the best chapter I’ve ever written.
Chapter 3 Knowing the Rulebook – Every Section 8 office has a rulebook. Most are very similar, pretty straight forward, and always change! To keep passing your inspections, you must know what what the rules are and what to do if they change.
Chapter 4 Duplexes and Multi – Family Units – We are not a fan of multi-family units and in this chapter we will explain why.
Chapter 5 Elimination – Ooohh yeah, we found more stuff to eliminate! Some we found on our own and some good elimination tips were e- mailed to us by you landlords out there.
Chapter 6 Stories- Stories- Stories – You wanted some stories, I’ve got ’em. From a ball breaking inspector to a pit bull that tried to eat me, you’ll enjoy them all!
Chapter 7 Landlord Stories – A chapter dedicated to those landlords out there that e- mailed me with some terrific stories. I guess everyone has story to tell in this line of work…
Chapter 8 Bad Neighborhoods – How to know when you are in bad or really bad neighborhood. We will make sure you don’t purchase a house in war zone!
Chapter 9 Free Money – Everybody loves free money! Stop right there, nothing in life is free.
Chapter 10 Management Companies – In this chapter, we will show you how to run your properties just like a management company- without the cost or overhead!
Chapter 11 Respect – We will show you how to get it and when to use it!
Chapter 12 Landlord Tips – Tips from landlords who wrote in and told us of clever ways that they have gotten around annoying problems.
Chapter 13 Garages – Garages and tenants are like oil and water. No matter how you mix them, they don’t go together! In this chapter, read what to do with your garage.
Chapter 14 Streets Smarts – A very important subject that I feel is usually underrated. In this chapter, we’re going to give you some great safety tips to follow while working on your properties!
Chapter 15 Organization – Think we’re the kings of elimination? You should see us when it comes to organization!
Chapter 16 Code and Rule Changes – Nothing annoys me more then a Section 8 “code or rule change”! Here are some ways to get around those rule changes.
Chapter 17 Shop on Wheels! – We added a new vehicle to our arsenal. Find out what it is about and how much time and money it will save!
Chapter 18 New Products – Nick is always shopping for new,quality products. Let’s see what’s in his shopping cart and, again, see how much cash these products will save you!
Chapter 19 Product Changes – You’re gonna love some of these products, I guarantee it! Find out what products we switched to and why.
Chapter 20 Finding Houses – “How and where did you guys find all those cheap houses?” Believe it or not, it wasn’t that hard. In this chapter, we will show you how to find them!
Chapter 21 Rent Increases – We are shocked to find a lot of you landlords had not received a rent increase in years. Let’s put a stop to that nonsense right now!
Chapter 22 Eviction – Evictions is a word that no landlord ever wants to hear. In this chapter, I’ll show you how to get rid of your tenant before the problem even gets to the courtroom!
Chapter 23 After the Sell Off – Find out what Nick and I have been up to since selling off our entire portfolio for millions! More importantly, find out where we intend on going!
Chapter 24 Wrapping it Up – Like I said before, either write things worthy of reading or do things worthy of writing. Again, I believe we have done both!