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Okay, you’ve purchased the books, read them, and now you have a question, or in some cases a lot of questions you would like to ask me. Well now you can fire away! I’ve created a new link on my website where you can schedule a one on one phone conversation with the king of Section 8 Landlording. Whether you want to bounce some questions off of me about what you’ve read, ask me advice on what it is you are doing, plan a strategy to get rid of a tenant, or simply share a couple stories and laughs about your experiences in the crazy world of Section 8 Landlording, I’m sure I can help.

With me as your mentor, I’ll save you money by sharing my knowledge and if fact, I’m rather quite cheap! Most real estate mentors want you to sign up for a $5,000 to $8,000 course and travel to where ever it is they are holding their seminar. Me, I only charge $59 bucks! These other guys want to stick you in an auditorium with 100 other suckers, hand you a couple of books, tell you how rich you are going to be, and then they call it a day. How do I know? Because yours truly got suckered into a three day course in Florida on how to cash in on all the Florida foreclosures. I would have gotten more out of talking to a palm tree. I packed it up after five hours of their bogus course and took the loss. They tried to up sell me everything under the sun from more “technical courses”, to round trip airline tickets back and forth to Florida. The best thing I got out of the entire adventure was a tan.

I’m not trying to sell you on anything other than myself. You’ve read my books, they are very easy to understand and your phone call will be the same way. The conversation will also be the same as the book, relaxed and loose. I don’t come across like these arrogant guys on the Saturday morning infomercials. I’m very personable and if you’ve thought enough of me to pay for a phone call, then I’m going to do my very best to make it worth your while. I’m also sure we’ll get a laugh or two during our conversation. Here is how it works:

  1. I charge $59 for a half hour and $99 for an hour. Minimum purchase is a half hour.
  2. Once you have made the purchase, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule our conversation. Whether you are east coast, west coast, or in Hawaii, we’ll work it out and agree to an appointment time. Our appointment will be no later than five days after you have made the purchase.
  3. I will call you on time, every time!
  4. Just like your email address, I will not share your phone number with anyone, under any circumstances.

I truly love talking about real estate, I just hate emailing back and forth all night with people who have questions about the book, it’s so impersonal and time consuming. I’d rather talk one on one with you. I feel as though you will get more out of a phone call as opposed to an email, and of course, getting paid for my time doesn’t hurt either. Try buying a book off of someone else and getting two minutes of their time. It’s not gonna happen. If you have questions you need answered, bring’em on. Let’s do this!


$59 for a half hour

$99 for an hour


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