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Section 8 Bible Volume I: Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Section 8 – What is it and how does it work?
Chapter 2 Start Up Money – Where and how to get it?
Chapter 3 Banks and Lenders – Exact banks we used. You will get our contacts, their phone numbers, and what type of loan they specialize in.
Chapter 4 The Turnover – Introduction as to why we eliminate many different items from our rental before the tenant moves in. Codes, Rules and Regulations of Section 8.
Chapter 5 The Cleanout – The quickest, cheapest, and easiest ways to remove rubbish from your rental.
Chapter 6 Contractor Repair Lists – Lists of items you want an outside contractor to repair.
Chapter 7 Checklists – Getting your property ready for Section 8 inspection. List of items you will be repairing, adding and eliminating from your rental. Thousands of tips on how to prevent future repairs.
Chapter 8 Water Bills – The best tips ever on keeping them down.
Chapter 9 Flooring and Ceilings – We will simply save you thousands in this section. Also, a top 10 reasons on why we hate to install carpet.
Chapter 10 Painting – What to paint, what not to paint, and what to paint with.
Chapter 11 Elimination – Everything you should eliminate in your property from top to bottom.
Chapter 12 Advertising – Where and where not to advertise your “Property for Rent”
Chapter 13 Securing Your Property While Vacant – Numerous tips on how to keep thieves out of your investment
Chapter 14 Showing Your Property for Rent – How to eliminate non-section 8 callers. How to weed out people who are wasting your time, how to figure out who is not. What to say and what not to say while showing your property.
Chapter 15 Move in Day – What to tell your tenants. What to show your your tenants. Let them know who’s boss. Tell them what they can do, but more importantly, what they can’t.
Chapter 16 Keeping Your Tenant – The longer they stay, the more you make.
Chapter 17 Protecting Yourself While Working on Your Property – What to say and what not to say to neighbors. How and when to bring in materials. Is a Permit to Carry right for you. Owning 1,000 homes is not worth your life.
Chapter 18 Creating an LLC – How to, when to, and why to. The answers to these three questions are, very easily, immediately, and so you don’t get sued up the ass!
Chapter 19 Mistakes – 7 of our most costly and crucial mistakes. 7 mistakes you don’t want to make.
Chapter 20 Final Thoughts on Section 8 Landlording
Chapter 21 Wrapping it Up – Either write things worthy of reading or do things worthy of writing. Nick and I believe we have done both.