Section 8 Bible Volume II


We’re back! It’s been a year and a half since we ripped the tenants, the inspectors, and Section 8 a new ass and we’re ready to do just that again! We will be holding nothing back! If you liked Volume I, you’re gonna love Volume II!

Volume I was a feeler of sorts. We put out a great book and we also saw what we could get away with. This time around, we’re gonna push it to the limit. In fact, we’re gonna go over the limit and rip the roof off this Section 8 land lording business!

So sit down, get a nice drink, a bag of popcorn, and get ready to laugh, learn, and save with the greatest landlord book ever written- The Section 8 Bible Volume II is finally here!!!

Wow! What a response is all I can say. It’s been a year and a half since we released Volume I and we honestly didn’t think that we were going to get that much of a response. I feel like a rock star with my fans anxiously awaiting our second CD. Well now it is here and we are going to do our best not to disappoint you!

The New book is titled “The Section 8 Bible Volume II” and it’s going to blow you away! If you loved Volume I, Volume II will have you begging for more. We’ve got more money saving tips, more money saving products, more stuff to eliminate, and yes, more crazy stories!

Stories, Stories, Stories!

I got the biggest feedback from some of the stories I told in Volume I. Most of you thought they were hysterical and wanted to hear more and more ( I never knew I was such a funny guy). Well guess what? You’re in luck. A lot has happened in a year and a half and we’ve got a few more good stories for ya!

I’ve got a story of a ball breaking inspector, a pitbull that tried to eat me, and a couple more crazy tenant stories. Not only will I tell you the story, but as always, we will tell you what we did to come out on top of the situation!


Ooooh yeah, we found more things to eliminate! That’s right, the longer you hang around in this business, the more shit bites you in the ass. On the other side of the coin, the more things bite you in the ass, the more you can eliminate! We thought we had it all figured out. We thought we found everything in the house from the tip of the roof to the basement floor that we could possibly eliminate. We were wrong!

We found some more items on our own and some of you landlords out there dropped us an email on what they eliminate. We’ll give you the reason we eliminate it, we’ll give you the reason they eliminate it!


There are some new products that we found out there that are cheaper then what we were using and last just as long if not longer. Nick’s always shopping for new, quality products and we’ll give you a rundown on what’s in his shopping cart! We’ll tell you the how, when, and where to use these products!

Duplexes and Multi-Family Units!

The question of, “Do you guys get involved with multi-family units or duplexes?” came across my computer screen more then a little bit. I’ll tell you the answer right now is no, no way! In this chapter we’re gonna tell you several reasons why we don’t.


Evictions!- Another question we received a ton of was, “How do you go about evicting a tenant and how long does it take?” Most states vary and it’s all a bunch of bullshit! Once the rent goes past 30 days late you should be able to throw them out on their ass. 90% of the time they never catch up on the rent and the excuses get dumber and dumber. In this chapter, I’m going to give you a couple of ideas on how to stay out of the courtroom all together!

Management Companies!

Most of you wanted to know if we were for or against Management Companies. Others wanted to know what would be a fair price to pay a Management Company to manage your properties. The answer to #1 is also the answer to #2: I wouldn’t know what’s a fair price to pay someone to manage my rentals because I have never done it, nor would I! It’s something that can be done rather easily, even if you can’t drive a nail. In this chapter, I am going to show even the worst handyman how to manage your rentals. It doesn’t involve a hammer, saw, or nail. It involves a phone and I’m going to show you how to use it just like a Management Company uses theirs!

Finding Properties and Bad Neighborhoods!

Another question we got a lot of was, “How and where did you find all of those cheap properties?” That question was usually followed by, “How can you tell if you’re in a bad neighborhood?”

When that question first came across my computer screen I laughed and thought, “What’s this guy joking? How the hell can you not know if you’re in a bad neighborhood?” Then I received that question again and again.

Put me in the middle of the block on an inner city street in Chicago, Detroit, Miami, etc. and I’ll be able to tell you if you’re in a good, bad, or really bad neighborhood! And guess what? I haven’t even been to any of those cities! Then again, I was born in the city and I’m a very street smart guy. I know what to look for, who not to look at twice, and when to get my ass out of there. After you read this chapter, you’ll be able to do the same!

Playing Dirty!

Playing Dirty!

Possibly the best chapter that I have ever written! Every landlord has had that tenant from hell. I don’t care if you’re renting Section 8 properties, commercial properties, vacation properties, or $5,000 per month condos, it happens! Follow mine and Nick’s lead and 95% of the time we will keep you out of the courtroom. 4% of the time, you and your tenant will come to some kind of agreement in court, you’ll lick your wounds, cut your losses, and get your investment up and rented again.1% of the time you’ll meet that “Tenant from Hell!”

Either the tenant has been in and out of court so many times that they know every angle to bide themselves more time, or, you get that judge that thinks you owe your poor tenant a living. Now, you can either sit back and eat shit or start “Playing Dirty!” Not that I’ve ever done it (wink), but I know two local Philadelphia landlords who are great at “Playing Dirty”. They’ll tell you how to fight fire with fire! Just because some moronic judge sentences you to thirty, sixty, or even ninety more days of your tenants nonsense, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and take it. The tips in this chapter will help speed your tenants thought process!

Free Money!

Could it really be true, or is this guy with the commercial and the question marks all of his green suit truly an idiot? Over the years, Nick and I have tried and applied to receive several different grants. Winterization, Low Income Housing Loans, Roofing and Heating upgrades for Low Income Housing Landlords, etc. Were we successful? Did we receive a piece of the the, “Free Money Pie?” The answer is yes and no! Read this chapter and you’ll find out why.

Rent Increases!

I was shocked to find out a lot of you landlords out there were not getting your yearly rent increases. I heard from landlords who have had the same tenant in their property for ten or twelve years and have never received a rent increase. That’s bullshit! Let Section 8 try to pull that on us and they’ll have a full scale war on their hands. In this chapter, we’re going to show you how to get your rightfully deserved rent increase.

If you don’t fight for it, you ain’t gonna get it! It’s like everything else in life, if you don’t put up a fight, the other guy will think he’s right. We’re gonna show you how to fight that greedy “Tenant Service Rep” for what is rightfully yours. That’s why she has the word “Tenant” in front of her title. She’s not there to help you, believe me! Have you ever heard of a “Landlord Service Rep?” Me neither and you never will! That’s why you’ve got to fight for yourself, be your own Rep. If you’ve got balls, you’ll be a good one. Back down, you’ll be a horrible one and won’t see one rent increase. The squeaky wheel gets the oil and we are going to show you how to make that wheel sound so damn squeaky the Tenant Service Rep will think it’s going to fall off of the cart!

Mike McLean