Contents for Volume III

Section 8 Bible Volume III: Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Hiatus – We’ll tell you where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to the last 10 years.
Chapter 2 Another Ball Breaking Inspector – Well, I crossed paths again with a ball breaking inspector and I’ll tell you what I had to do to beat’em
Chapter 3 Lawn be Gone – I have the perfect answer to overgrown lawns!
Chapter 4 The old Landlord was Sharp – I’ll share with you a hell of a tip that I learned from an 80 year old landlord.
Chapter 5 The Boyfriend – How to deal with your tenant’s “dreaded boyfriend.”
Chapter 6 Roaches – The number one thing that I hate about being a Section 8 Landlord is not the tenants, it’s roaches. I’ll tell you how to get rid of them for good!
Chapter 7 I Panicked. . .and Made 3 Mistakes – I purchased a property on a very bad block and paid the price!
Chapter 8 Women are Right, Men are Impossible – When things go wrong renting to women on Section 8, they call the Section 8 office on you. When renting to men, they want to fight you! Now you can prevent it!
Chapter 9 Copper is the new “Ghetto Gold” – Copper theft is becoming an epidemic in the hood. Finally, someone came up with a great substitute product!
Chapter 10 Behr Paint – I now use Behr paint instead of what I was using and I’ll tell you why.
Chapter 11 10 Year Smoke Detector – Tired of hunting for missing smoke detectors in your tenant’s home? I have the solution!
Chapter 12 New Locks, Less Headaches – There will be no more lost keys, broken keys, or handing out keys to your tenants.
Chapter 13 Vulkem Sealant – The best product ever for cracked cement blocks!
Chapter 14 Preventing Break Ins – I have a new, cheap way that will keep thieves from even attempting to enter your vacant property!
Chapter 15 Landlord Tips – My favorite Chapter! A look at what other landlords do to save time, headaches, and cash.
Chapter 16 Doorstop Alarm – This product is great for trouble spots.
Chapter 17 Toilets that Suck. . .Literally! – With this tip, you and your tenant can throw away the plunger.
Chapter 18 Tub Surrounds – The cheapest way to making your bathroom look clean and new.
Chapter 19 Free T.V.’s – I’m not a fan of giving away a tooth pic, but this tip will actually save you cash!
Chapter 20 Get All the Security Money Before they Move In – Or should you?
Chapter 21 Elimination – Believe it or not, we found some more items to get rid of!
Chapter 22 Satellite Television – There’s nothing I hate more than a hack contractor drilling holes drilling holes through my roof and bricks to install a giant dish on my property so my tenant can enjoy watching t.v. I’ll show you how to prevent it!
Chapter 23 Heaters, a Thing of the Past in My Book!
Chapter 24 Electric Baseboards – A heat alternative that I’ll use in a pinch.
Chapter 25 Avoid Craigslist – Looking for a quick way to get robbed or bopped over the head? List your property on Craigslist!
Chapter 26 – A great place to list your Section 8 rental. I’ll tell you the best way to do it to get your property rented quickly!
Chapter 27 Finding Good Tenants – This use to be so easy. Now, it’s gotten a tad bit harder. Be careful!
Chapter 28 Pride! – Don’t let your pride get in the way of your wallet.
Chapter 29 Playing Dirty, This time with Lawyers – I found a great way to avoid lawsuits, and it works like a charm!
Chapter 30 Fair Plan Insurance – If you’re having trouble finding an insurance carrier, I have the answer.
Chapter 31 Talk to Me! – Finished the books and have a question? Give me a shout and I’ll help you out!
Chapter 32 Wrapping it up – Although this book has come to an end, this time, I’ll be much more visible. Get all my social media links!