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About Bullet Proof Lease

I have designed a Lease that will back you up and then some! After repeatedly having my ass handed to me in the courtroom I said, “Is there anyone out there who can put together a Lease that will never fail?” The answer to that question was yes and that person was me! Nobody has more experience in the courtroom then me and I know every single ploy that Tenants, Attorneys, and Judges use to screw you over even if you are 100% right.

From years of horrifying experiences, I knew every loophole the Tenant would try to jump through. I knew every piece of language in the Lease that if not written properly, the Tenant’s attorney would find it and use it against me. I knew every crack the Pro-Tenant Judge would allow my Tenant to slip through. All I had to do to design the perfect Lease was eliminate the cracks, loopholes, and improper language.

Well that is exactly what I did! I have put together the first and only 100% Bullet Proof Lease. My Lease spells everything out in easy to read English, so you won’t have to worry about some fancy Lawyer trying to interpret it a different way to use against you. Then, as an added protection bonus, I add addendums! The addendums lay it out even better then the Lease itself. Plus, the Tenant has to sign each and every one the addendums. Here are a couple of examples of how my Lease will work for you.
I was using a Lease that simply stated that the Tenant would be responsible to replace any and all broken windows. Simple enough, right? Wrong! The Tenant had four broken windows that he refused to repair. Neighbors on the street told me that his girlfriend had locked him out of the house and he went nuts breaking the windows trying to get back inside. When I took him to court to evict him, the Tenant told the Judge that kids playing baseball broke the windows. Well the Pro-Tenant Judge (which most of them are), bought the Tenant’s story and I was denied my eviction. When it was said and done, I was stuck with the Tenant and the bill to repair the windows. Now, my Tenant must sign the “Broken Window Addendum” Below.

Broken Window Addendum

It’s as simple as that and I don’t get anymore broken window calls!

Another obstacle Landlords are terrified of is Lead Based Paint. Why a Landlord is responsible for a Tenant’s child eating paint chips or chewing on a window sill is beyond me. I was raised in the seventies when everything was painted with Lead Based Paint and I never ate it nor did anyone that I know. It’s just Attorneys writing bogus laws to welcome more lawsuits! This was one obstacle I didn’t think that I was going to be able to get around.

I thought about it long and hard and finally I figured out a way to put the total responsibility of Lead Based Paint on the Tenant. Here is how it works. Before the Tenant moves into my property, they can have the property tested for Lead Based Paint at their own expense. If the property tests positive for Lead Based Paint, the Tenant is given three options:

#1 The Tenant may have Lead Based Paint removed at his or her cost by a certified removal Company at his or her expense. Tenant will pay per-diem per-day of monthly rent while waiting for removal of Lead Based Paint to be completed.

#2 Tenant may inform Landlord in writing that he or she no longer wishes to rent the property from the Landlord.

#3 Tenant may still rent the property but agrees that the Landlord will not be held responsible for any future health or medical problems due to Lead Based Paint.

Since using my Lease, I am 2 for 2 in defending myself against Lead Based Paint lawsuits!

Another thing that irks me as a Landlord is your nuisance Tenants. What I mean by a nuisance is the Tenant that thinks they have the right to call you whenever the toilet seat loosens or a floorboard creeks. Time is money and I don’t want to be hanging over my Tenant’s house replacing or repairing minor items. They didn’t move into the Waldorf Astoria Hotel here and I don’t plan on catering to them. Here is how I eliminate a Tenant from becoming a nuisance. Below is exact wording from my Lease.
Landlord will only tolerate normal wear and tear. Tenant agrees all items in leased property that can be repaired for under $35 will be done so at the Tenant’s expense. Cost of these items will not be reimbursed by the Landlord. Landlord, not Tenant, will decide the approximate cost of all repairs.
This way when a Tenant calls you to replace a light bulb or a doorknob, tell them to read their Lease and do it themselves. It will not only save time, it will also save money!

Have you ever had a Tenant overflow the toilet and rather than turn the water off, they instead call you while the overflowing water ruins your ceilings, carpets and floors? I have and here are two ways that I now prevent Tenant Stupidity.

Flood and Clog Addendum

Landlording is an easy game to win if played correctly and when your opponent (the Tenant), has the rules to the game (the Lease) taken away form him, you (the Landlord) are going to win every time! My Lease is packed with 41 terms as well as 14 addendums that protect the Landlord. Not one term or addendum is written in the tenant’s favor. It’s your money and your investment so play by your rules, not the Tenants!

I think I have given you more than enough proof that the Bullet Proof Lease is the one and only Lease that you should be using. I designed it, I use it, and I stand by it! I only put my name on products that I know are capable of making life easier for Landlords. I guarantee you, you will never even think of using a generic Lease again.

If you’re a Landlord who is looking for some excellent money saving tips, check out my books at www.section8bible.com.