Reviews for Volume I

Reviews for Volume I

Mike and Nick,

I just completed your book and am at a loss for words. I have thought about getting into the Section 8 housing market and your insights were incredibly revealing. I appreciate your honesty in what you had to do to make it work for you. It will be a great guide for me in making my decisions.

– Robert Wills
Houston, Texas

Hard Nose Advice is the best way to describe this book. Mike and Nick pull no punches in relating their experiences. It is not always nice to hear, but if you are thinking about becoming involved in the Section 8 industry you have to read this!

– Carmen Monastra
Queens, New York

As a section 8 contractor, I have used many of the hints you had in the book. Having them all in one place, one book, however really saves me a lot of time. It was well worth the money!

– Kenny O’ Kane
Columbus, Ohio

You proved what us contractors have known for a long time. Dealing with Section 8 Housing is not for the feint of heart. It takes guts and some ingenuity to succeed, just like any business. Having guidelines really helps.

– Paul Kowowski
Chicago, Illinois

Great job guys! Great reading and great advice! I like all the little quotes. Not everyone will like what you say but as someone once said “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

– James McGrath
Jacksonville, Fl