Section 8 Landlord Tips – Get Rid of Mice

Section 8 Get rid of Mice

Section 8 Landlord Tips – Get Rid of Mice

let’s get to this week’s tip about three weeks ago I did a video about roaches and how to get rid of roaches okay well there’s another nuisance that you’re going to have to deal with if you become a section eight landlord and that is mice I can’t tell you how many times a tenant moved out of a house and me and Nick inherited their mice problem okay now I tried everything just like I tried to get rid of the roaches I called the exterminator I used glue traps I used the snap traps you know the ones where you put the piece of cheese on the trap and you almost take your finger off trying to set the thing down on the ground none of them work I’m gonna tell you none of them work over the past 2 years I’m lucky if I caught five mice on those things so throw all them things out they’re no good save your money.

Building a better Mouse Trap

The tip I’m going to give you today is gonna save you a ton of money and catch you a lot of mice it’ll thin out the herd quicker than you could say I okay now before I get to that tip I gave you a big history lesson on the roaches so I’m going to give you a short little lesson on mice okay one female Mouse can lay ten litters of mice a year each litter as has anywhere from five to ten babies in the litter so that’s 0 mice at the minimum that you’re gonna be getting from one female now once she has the babies a four week old baby once it hits four weeks old four weeks old a baby mouse can start conceiving at four weeks old okay so no you see once they’re having babies and they’re having babies your whole house gets infant infested with the mice okay
my scary disease they carry fleas which led to the bubonic plague okay they put urine all over the house and feces they’re nothing but a pain in the
neck they’re disgusting and I’m going to show you a great tip on how to get rid of mice I’m not going to tell you how to get rid of them I’m actually gonna

I’m waiting for Nick to come over right now we’re gonna go out on the back patio and I’m going to build that mousetrap and show you exactly how to use it.
See Video below on how to build it and then see it in use!

Video – Section 8 Landlord Tips – Get rid of Mice