Section 8 Landlord Tips – Experience!

A saying that’s been repeated for two hundred years is, “you can’t by experience.” This is one saying that I couldn’t disagree more with, especially when it comes to being a Section 8 Landlord! Whey you pick up my books, the Section 8 Bible volumes I, II, and III, you are literally buying experience.
When I first got into the Section 8 landlord game, I made costly mistake after mistake and I learned by trial and error, at the time, there was no other way of learning. One thing that I told myself I would never do is make the same mistake twice, and I hold true to that to this day. However, when you throw your hat into this ring, there are hundreds of different mistakes that you can make in every single category! Finance, electrical, plumbing, and dealing with tenants are just a few of these categories.
Now, if when I started out buying and renting section 8 properties, a three series book on Section 8 Landlording existed, I would have saved money, time, and quite a few headaches. Why? Because I would have been able to “Buy Experience!” If someone such as Nick and I had been involved in the Section 8 rental game and had seen it all, I would have hands down purchased their advice and made my go at being a Section 8 landlord a hell of a lot easier.
You came to my website for one of two reasons. One, you are already a Section 8 landlord and you’re looking for some money saving tips, or two, you’re giving some serious thought of getting involved in renting out Section 8 properties and I know that I can help you in both of these situations. I am proud of all three my books and I stand behind them 100% because I know that they will put you on the right path to success in this field, that I guarantee.
I have been a Section 8 landlord for over 25 years and I make a good living doing it. I’ve been at it a long time and I’m really, really good at it! If you can’t learn from me, you’re not going to learn from anybody. I explain everything so you will understand and comprehend it the first time. I don’t clog the books with big fancy words to confuse you, I tell it like it is. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough yourself.” If you’re serious about succeeding in this business, do yourself a favor. Purchase 25 years worth of experience and enjoy the Section 8 Bible!